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ALPHA Press JT-1632 Manual crimping tool M profile Kit

£159.99 (20% VAT Incl.)

Out of stock

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ALPHA JT-1632 Manual crimping tool
Supplied with 15mm, 22mm & 28mm M Profile Inserts suitable for crimping metalic pipework systems, Copper, Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel.
Easy to operate and change inserts to provide secure powerful crimp, ensuring pipe joints are connected correctly.

360 degree rotational head allows connection in hard to access areas.
Levers can be individually extended from 53 cm to 75 cm to provide extra force.
Made from high quality forged steel.

The ergonomic handle and the easy-going mechanism ensure that the fittings can be pressed without much effort.

The manual pressing tool set is supplied in a sturdy carrying case, which can be easily stored in a service vehicle.

Provides up to 60kn of force (greater force than most battery machines )

Optional extra’s:
V-Profile Inserts
TH inserts
U inserts


  • Mechanical crimping tool for connecting fitting with pipe.
  • The handle can be elongated with energy-efficient drive.
  • telescopic handle
    Crimping type: TH, SV, U
  • Mechanical Crimping tool for system conform pressing of fittings up to 32mm


Crimping force: 40KN
Stroke: 16mm
Length: 580mm
Package: plastic box
Crimping die for SV type: 15mm.20mm.25mm
Crimping die for U type: 16mm.20mm.25mm.32mm
Crimping die for U type: 16mm.20mm.26mm.32mm
Crimping dies: Page 45

Note: The accessories type used at optional