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Novopress ACO103-BT Crimping Machine M-Profile Set (15-28mm Jaws)

£1,382.00 (20% VAT Incl.)

Out of stock

Novopress ACO103-BT Crimping Machine M-Profile Set
c/w Hard Case,
12v Battery (Milwaukee)
1x Novopress 15mm Jaw
1x Novopress 22mm Jaw
1x Novopress 28mm Jaw

Novopress Comfort-Line Pressing Unit ACO103

■ Powerful Milwaukee Lithium-Ion batteries for reliable performance
■ Redundant switch-off and press force control with LED indication
■ Automatic pressing cycle
■ Safe handling with slip-proof rubberized housing and ergonomic design
■ Illumination of the press area for safe working
■ Analysis of the pressing tool performance with Bluetooth via NovoCheck app

Compact and high-performance efficiency
The pressing unit ACO103 has many valuable features to make working easier, faster and safer. The LED signal located under the transparent start button gives information about the battery and the status of the pressing unit or occurred failures. Thanks to the new, implemented Bluetooth®-Technology, device-related data can be requested via the NovoCheck app.

■ Data transfer between pressing tool and app
■ Possibility to check the pressing tool‘s current status
■ Analysis of the pressing tool performance
■ Integrated report function for documentation of the installation

Scope of application
■ Drinking water-, gas- and heating installations, industry and commercial applications and many more
■ Suitable for all authorized jaws of other system manufacturers in the market*
■ All common profiles for metal and plastic systems available

Technical Data ACO103
Dimensions**: Metal pipe up to 35 mm /
Plastic pipe up to 40 mm
Weight incl. Battery: 1.7 kg
Length: 320 mm
Width: 98 mm
Height: 72 mm
Power consumption: 240 W
Piston force: 19 kN
Piston stroke: 30 mm
Battery: 12 V / 1.5 Ah Li-Ion Milwaukee
12 V / 3.0 Ah Li-Ion Milwaukee
Battery capacity***: 40 – 180 press cycles
Charging time: 30 / 60 min.

* Please allow 24/48 hrs for delivery