How we concentrate on quality.

At Alpha Tool Supplies, we’ve always been keen to establish the best working practices when it comes to the balance between quality and cost.

We try to address the issues regarding effective production, high and reliable quality of tools, product assurance from selected component partners, quality control procedures and all in line with with our core principles.

To adapt to changing market conditions and in line with European and western standards our tools range has been developed to include:

– DC Battery and Electrical Crimping & Cutting tools all have US made Johnson motors.
– Every battery / electric powered tool under goes rigorous cycles testing prior to packaging.
– Our battery platform is designed to be compatible with Makita LXT type batteries and uses Sony or Samsung cells.
– Battery & electric hydraulic tool PCB control board features 32 bit CPU / MOS controller to aid motor longevity and reduce wear.
– Steel parts are made by means of using Japanese Mazaka 7 axis CNC machines and computer controlled lathes.
– Every tool and component is traceable and is QA tested.
– Every valve cylinder is individually tested using image measurement.
– Every hydraulic tool undergoes cycle testing to simulate working conditions for around 30-50 cycles prior to final assembly.
– Every hydraulic tool undergoes cycle testing to simulate working conditions for a further 20-30 cycles prior to packaging.
– Hydraulic tool jaws / tings undergo extensive batch test – and proven to last for over 15000 cycles.
– All tools have two final visual tests in the factory and then in UK distribution warehouse.

CE certificates, conformity certificates and calibration certificates are available on request.

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